New Projects Posted

  • Dec 13, 2017

We do a lot of personal projects on our own machines. It gives us an enjoyable way to test new software, new cutters, and really explore and experience first hand the usability of the machines we design and sell. A few months back we started sharing these projects on the docs site under the tutorials tab. Some of the projects are end to end tutorials that go through each step of the process. Others are just overviews with the files available for download so you can effectively recreate the same project.

Click the link to see all of the projects we have available at this time. We just added an endmill organizer and a simple step stool.

The project page is something we add to often, but starting today we’ll put up a new blog post each time we post a new project.

See the projects page: Click Here

If there is a specific project you’d like to see posted, let us know!