Carbide Motion 416

  • May 14, 2019

We just released Carbide Motion 416 at:

This release (when combined with 415) has a number of small changes, a couple of significant improvements, and one big change.

The Big Change

First, for those running a Stepoko board from Sparkfun, this release will not be supported. For Stepoko users, release 414 will be the last version that you can use. Activation information and download links will remain at:

Improvements in 416

Improved probing accuracy - Version 416 makes probing on the Shapeoko and Nomad more accurate. There was a bug in prior versions that led to probing being wrong by a couple of thousandths of an inch but we found it and got it fixed in this version.

Active Inputs Debigging - The “Settings” pane in Carbide Motion now shows all of the active inputs reported by GRBL so if you need to check that your probe or any limit switch is working, go to “Settings” and trigger the switch you’d like to test. It should appear in the “Active Inputs” section when pressed.

Load time shown for gcode files - When a gcode file is loaded, the timestamp is now shown below the file name. Some users reload the same file with changes made and this is a good way to know that the file did indeed update in Carbide Motion.